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The 2024 Inspiring Minds Lecture Series

Denver, Colorado

Inspiring Minds hosts dynamic events with notable speakers who are experts in their fields and making a difference locally and globally. Presenting a broad range of topics, Inspiring Minds fosters intellectual conversations and authentic social connections.

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September 10, 2024

The Truth About Psychedelics

Dr. Dana Lerman

A decade-long infectious disease consultant who has since been trained in psychedelic assisted therapy, Dr. Lerman will share her story of how helping kids with cancer made her want to learn medicine, what it was like working as an infectious disease expert during COVID, and how fascinating it has been to bring intention, ceremony, and inner healing intelligence to modern medicine – that that will greatly benefit patients as well as clinicians.

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April 17, 2024

Reflections on Computing, System Design and Robotics and Why it’s Not All About AI

Dr. Iris Bahar

Inspiring Minds is honored to present Colorado School of Mines computer science department head Iris Bahar as she shares her insights on effectively harnessing artificially intelligence for robotics and using innovative and transformative teaching/mentoring to promote inclusivity in computer science and engineering. Join us for this thoughtful and fascinating discussion.

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Sunita Williams
American astronaut and record holder for most spacewalks by a woman
Adrian Miller
American culinary historian and author
Quang Ho
Painter and illustrator
David Lane
Criminal defense and civil rights attorney
David Grinspoon
Astrobiologist, senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute
Jessie James Decker
Country pop singer